Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Contact Info Needed.

Please help our forest update our member contact info. We only have full contact info for a handful of brothers and we're looking to get better information to stay in touch with you.

Upcoming Lancaster Forest Events

2019 Lancaster Forest Calendar

Jan 2—Executive Board 
Jan 10-13—Mid Winter Conference
Jan 22— Memorial Service/Open Chair
Feb 6— Executive Board
Feb 11— Sub Party
Feb 26—Master Mason Seafood Night & Yellow Dog
March 6— Executive Board at Millersville Lodge
March 10— Church Service & Tree Planting
March 26—Junior Senior Night
April 3– Executive Board
April 9—Sub Party
April 20 — Easter Breakfast
April 23 — Spring Ceremonial

Junior Senior Night - March 26th

Junior Senior Night Tues March 26th Social Hour 530 Dinner 630 - Lasagna, Sausage, Peppers, Salad, Dessert, non-alcoholic beverages &quo...